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Winter Has Arrived in SoCal

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Storm Front on the Foothills Storm Front on the Foothills

Chilly Arrival

SERVPRO of Irwindale/Baldwin Park has been preparing for the coming winter season.  There are things you can do around your home to help assure heavy rain does not turn into a problem for your property this Winter.

A Few Tips

Make sure if you are in a flood plain you have considered Flood Insurance. The City and/or County can advise you if you are in an area that could be at higher risk. This might be the case because of your location, a recent fire in an area in the hills above your property, or projected heavier than average precipitation is expected.

Clean out the gutters along your roof.  If they or the downspouts are clogged, water may not be moved away from your foundation as intended.

Verify the Roof-Jacks (Roof-Jacks are galvanized metal covers that go around the pipes that go through your roof) on your home are sealed properly against heavy rains. It's best to have a professional go onto your roof and verify there are no unexpected problems that may need to be fixed before the weather changes.

2021 Brings New Weather

Southern California may experience relatively light Winters for several years in a row. When a heavy Winter Season does come along, it could reveal the need to repair or even replace a roof that has been slowly deteriorating. In those cases where a roof starts to leak during wet weather, there can be a significant amount of damage from roof failures as the water intrusion starts at the top of the structure and may cause damage all the way down through the building until it reaches the ground level, or even further if the property has a basement.

Here For You

Despite the change in weather, the cold won't last forever. SERVPRO of Irwindale is here for all your water restoration, fire restoration, and mold restoration needs. We work with most insurance companies and are available 24/7 for major flooding, mold growth, and electrical fire damage of any home or business in Irwindale, Baldwin Park, Glendora, San Dimas, and surrounding communities. Call our estimators today for a quote! (626) 852-9922

Home Flood From Rainstorm

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

Drying Floor Affected By Flood Drying Floor Affected By Flood

Flooding in your home from stormwater can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Having a plan in place in case of flooding can help prepare you.

FEMA Flood Map

To see how likely you are to suffer from a flood you can look up the FEMA Flood Map; it shows general flood risk by region. All you have to do is enter your address in the search bar on the website to see your area's flood zones.

Take note the next you have a rainstorm - does the water run towards or away from your home? Does it puddle around any doors? Any basement windows?


Floodproofing renovations are helpful if you plan on building a home in a heavily flooded area. Or if your existing home is in a heavily flooded area, but was not built with flooding in mind. Installing Foundation vents is a form of "wet flood-proofing," which allows water to flow through your home, as opposed to water being trapped around it. This both provides an outlet for flood water to escape your home. Having a Sump pump on hand with a battery back up is a great tool for removing water from basements. 

Make sure all gutter runoffs are pointed away from your home. All pipes entering your home should have check valves to prevent sewage flooding from back up into your home. Coating and sealants are also great to help flood-proof your home. They can be applied around your foundation, windows, and door frames.

A Plan

If flooding in your home has already started, or if a storm is on its way, use these tips to help minimize the damage:

  • Clear out gutters and drains so that water can flow freely
  • Use sandbags to block any gaps that will lead to flooding
  • Move rugs, furniture, electronics, and other valuables to prevent damage
  • If it's not raining, open windows to allow airflow through your home
  • Use a shop vacuum or sump pump to remove water quickly
  • Document flooding with pictures or videos to defend your insurance claim

Here For You

Additionally, always know that SERVPRO Glendora & San Dimas is here for all of your water damage needs. The San Gabriel Valley Foothills are notorious for flooding. Wildfires in the surrounding mountains change the composition of the soil; leading to the more dramatic water runoff during the rainy season. SERVPRO Glendora & San Dimas is able to provide you flood restoration services, sanitation contaminated water, drying services for both commercial and residential properties.

Warehouse Flood - We Got This

1/5/2021 (Permalink)

Technician sucking up water Technician sucking up water

Got Flood Damage?

No need to fear, SERVPRO of Irwindale/Baldwin Park is here! We have the manpower and specialized equipment to handle any size of water damage. Take this commercial flood in Irwindale, for example. We were called in by another SERVPRO to handle this massive warehouse flood that seeped into the office space, and our guys were there in less than 30 minutes! 

Faulty Pipes

A pipe in the back of a warehouse burst, soaking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of packaging and supplies. Once the water to the warehouse was turned off, there was water underneath The merchandise. Since the building was at a slight slant, the water flooded down into the office space in the front of the building, soaking into the carpet. We were able to get most of the water out of the warehouse within the first couple of hours because we had the manpower and supplies to do so. The carpet was a little trickier because it had soaked beneath the surface. We had to set up fans and carpet vacuums to suck up the water so mold wouldn’t develop. Water is tricky that way, moisture had immediately begun to soak into the walls due to the insulin. Our technicians are headed back there to dry out the building and make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Irwindale/Baldwin Park can handle any water damage, flooding, mold growth, and roof leaks! Call today. (626)-852-9922

Mold Doesn’t Stand A Chance

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

Mold Inside Commercial Building Wall Mold Inside Commercial Building Wall

It's Just Mold, Who Cares? We Do!

And you should too. The tricky aspect of mold is that when a building experiences a flood, it’s not solely the floors that retain the damage. If the surrounding walls contain insulation, it is highly likely that they will absorb much of the moisture. The moisture then gets trapped in the walls behind the insulation, and mold begins to grow. High amounts of mold create a dangerous atmosphere to live and work in. Inhaling mold can make you cough, make your eyes itch, and can restrict your breathing in short periods of time.

The How

When our technicians are first called to a job, the first thing they do is identify what the source of the issue is. Then, they check the moisture in the walls where the damage occurred, and also the surrounding walls to see how far the moisture has spread. Once they get a clear reading, they will go to work immediately. 

Saving the structure of your building, our technicians will remove the affected areas and flooring, and treat the remaining structure with microbial spray. The disinfectant and primer combined with our humidifier and fans will dry out and kill any remaining mold. This makes it safe for contractors from your insurance to come in and restore your business back to its aesthetic appeal.

The Why

SERVPRO of Irwindale/Baldwin Park cares for your home and business because it is a part of our community. We recognize the danger of living in a mold-infested environment, and the frustration that comes with water damage and flooding. We want to do our part to help, and your safety is a top priority. If you were in need of any mold remediation services caused by a flood, or have any concerns that mold growth might be apparent in the walls or flooring, give us a call today. We are open 24 hours seven days a week and on-call for whenever you need us (626)-852-9922

Team McCann To The Rescue!

12/30/2020 (Permalink)

Family standing in front of green truck Team McCann

Meet the McCann family! Joe & Dani have individually owned and operated SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas for over 15 years, and SERVPRO of Irwindale/Baldwin Park for nearly 5! Their boys Colton, Finn, and Parker keep them on their toes and are always trying to help out. The McCann's care about your home & business because it is apart of their community too, let SERVPRO of Irwindale/Baldwin Park be the first to be called to handle any Residential or Large-Loss Disaster in the San Gabriel Valley or LA Basin.

Here at SERVPRO of Irwindale/Baldwin Park, our team specializes in disaster restoration, cleanup, and repair services, making it “Like it never even happened.” for both commercial and residential customers.

Our team of highly trained restoration specialists is experts in restoring your home from water damage, fire damage, storm damage, and mold repair. The SERVPRO of Irwindale/Baldwin Park crew is equipped with the knowledge needed to restore any property. Our crew's main goal is to restore a property back to preloss condition quickly, reliably, and effectively. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to best accommodate your schedule and offer as little disruption to your personal life as well. Call the McCann family today!

Winter Storm Preparation

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

Snow on the mountains Snow on the Mount Baldy

Last month, a winter storm brought rain, snow, and cold temperatures to the LA area. Scattered rain showers resulted in snow dumped all over The San Gabriel Mountains, and heavy hail in many parts of Glendora. Nonetheless, weather patterns are changing and a winter pattern is settling in. Travelers need to drive slowly during this time, and due to the precipitation, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health sent out a warning to avoid the ocean near various storm drains and rivers due to the high probability of contamination by bacteria, debris, and trash.

These winter storms aren’t all bad, many forecasters hope for precipitation to dampen wildfires in the Sierra and cleanse the atmosphere. Gusty winds in Riverside and San Bernardino County were in full effect, and we should be as best prepared for this reoccurring weather pattern in the months of December and January. As the year 2020 comes to a close, who knows what the next year will bring. If you are in a county where a winter storm warning has been issued, be sure to: find shelter right away, stay off the roads, prepare for power outages, and stay indoors.

If your home has been affected by severe winds, rain damage, storm destruction, or any other types of catastrophe and you are in need of emergency services, please call SERVPRO of Glendora San Dimas. We have an outstanding commitment to our surrounding communities to provide genuine and quality assurance. We are open and available twenty- four hours a day seven days a week, and we have the manpower and equipment to handle even the worst of disasters. Call Today! (626)-852 -9922

Stay Safe During The Holiday Season

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

Purple Storm Cloud Redding Storm Cloud

When required, in industrial areas restoration services can take on a different kind of expectation when contrasted with residential losses. With residential properties, services typically focus on salvaging personal effects, cleaning up living spaces, and getting people’s lives back to normal.  In the commercial and industrial setting, there are certainly personal aspects to fire and water damage. There are also considerations that can extend to very large dollar values in inventory, equipment, lost and damaged business relationships, and the lively hoods of employees. 

For these reasons, a restoration contractor with experience with “Large Loss” disasters is important.  A restoration contractor with access to hundreds of trained technicians, truckloads of equipment, and specialists who can advise on every scenario that a complex project can pose may be important to keeping the recovery short and reducing potential loss of revenue.

SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas is a Certified Large Loss Contractor working for the past 15 years all over the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles Basin, and across the US.  We are experts at helping businesses impacted with fire and water losses recover with a minimum of lost time and revenue. Frequently, it’s possible to work with the business to avoid complete shut-down, performing the restoration in parallel with operations and around the clock to keep the time for full recovery short.

If your business is threatened with lost revenue, damaged reputation, or a slow-down in production from flooding, fire, or bio hazard contamination consider bringing in professionals who have experience and resources to recover rapidly and reduce the loses. Play it safe and call in SERVPRO of Irwindale/Baldwin Park as a contractor you can trust and count on in any large scale disaster.

Preparing for Winter

11/3/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage within building Protect your home & business from heavy rainfall this winter

California winters seem to carry great variety from year to year. In some winter seasons, the rain comes down for multiple days in one week with chilly temperatures. Other years, the rain may never come and balmy seventies will persist until a few surprise days of cold in the spring. Whatever the case may be, as homeowners and community members it is important to be prepared for winter.

Heavy rainfall can lead to flooding in Southern California. The drought conditions cause dry soil, which leads to poor absorption of groundwater. Keeping storm drains clear is one way to alleviate the potential of flooding. This includes using sandbags and a plastic tarp to create a better flow of water. Also, keeping home gutters free of leaves and other environmental debris will lead to a more consistent and controlled flow of water away from your house, to the well functioning storm drains.

Floods can cause millions and millions of dollars in damages and unfortunately great injury to people. This makes community members' involvement crucial in flood preparedness. Local fire stations provide free sandbag materials and the Department of Public Works can provide services to clear storm drains, 1-800-675 HELP (4357). Utilizing these local resources can help prevent flooding. Families should also put together disaster kits in case of emergency. 

In the worst-case scenario, if water enters your home it is important to take care of the moisture immediately to prevent hazardous mold from growing. SERVPRO Glendora/San Dimas provides mold remediation services, and is open 24 hours 7 days a week to make your emergency "Like it never happened." Call us today!

The 9 Most Common Fire Starters

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

Fire In Azusa Mountains Fire In Azusa Mountains

SERVPRO of Irwindale/Baldwin Park wishes safety and prosperity for our community members. Please take note of the nine most common fires starters below, and actively make strides to prevent these easy mistakes.

#1: Cooking

House fires happen most during dinner hours—between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. That’s because people are cooking. Here's what you should remember when using the kitchen:  

  • For grease fires, only use a fire extinguisher or baking soda. Do not use water! It will spread the oil/grease and make your fire worse.
  • Never leave your food unattended. Fires only need 30 seconds to go from a small flame to an out-of-control blaze, so even going to the bathroom could endanger your home.

#2: Heating Equipment

Almost 13% of all residential fires are caused by heating equipment. Make sure to turn off all heating equipment once you have finished using them.

# 3: Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment causes over 6% of house fires. Look for frayed wires, surge marks in wire, and damaged cords.

#4: Carelessness

Mistakes happen. For house fires, negligence causes 5.8% of blazes. Carelessness includes not putting our cigarettes, leaving candles burning, putting heating equipment near combustible items, and more.

#5: Open flame

Candles, fires in the fireplace, and outdoor bonfires are enjoyable when controlled, but disastrous when they’re not. About 4% of all house fires start from an open flame.

#6: Appliances

Appliances cause about 4% of house fires. You can decrease the chances of something malfunctioning and catch on fire by making sure it’s approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

#7: Intentional

Arson is a felony and can result in up to 20 years. But, people still do it. Out of all house fires, 4.2% are intentionally set.

#8: Smoking

About 2% of fires are caused by cigarettes. Just put your cigarettes out.

#9: Natural

Nature happens. This means wildfires and those caused by lightning are unavoidable. Don’t worry though! Natural causes only account for 1.6% of all house fires.

Remember, house fires claim a life every 7 seconds. To protect yourself, home, and business, be aware of where fires are most common. #fire #firedmaage #SERVPRO #community #stormdamagerepair #restoration #waterdamagerestoration

Storm Damage Readiness

10/19/2020 (Permalink)

Even though SoCal may not have the most rain during the wintertime. You never know when the next big storm is going to hit. Is your property ready for when that happens? In case of a surprise storm, it’s important to have supplies ready and on hand. Supplies that can aid in the health and safety of you, your office, or your family could make a big difference in keeping yourself safe until help arrives. Here are some things you may want to include in a Storm Preparedness Kit… 

Here are some supplies to keep in your kit:

  1. First Aid Kit 
  2. Vital and necessary medication 
  3. Flashlights/glow sticks
  4. Cash and other important documents in a waterproof case 
  5. Food & Water food for several days 
  6. Basic necessary tools (i.e.pocket knife with tools attached)
  7. Sanitation wipes and hygiene products.

SERVPRO of Irwindale/Baldwin Park is a Large Loss, full-service fire, smoke, wind, water repair, and restoration company. We offer immediate response to residential, commercial, industrial, and commercial property owners. We are faster to any disaster and can help you when the next storm hits. 

Call us at (626)852-9922 for any more information or if you need help restoring your property.