Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damage – Irwindale Offices

Storm damage to this Irwindale office occurred when a storm containing strong winds ripped a section of roof from the building. Rainwater was allowed to enter t... READ MORE

Flooding from an Irwindale Area Storm

When groundwater enters a structure, it carries along contaminants like chemicals, pesticides, possible animal carcasses, and perhaps fecal matter. The list goe... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Southern California

Earlier this year, a resident in Moreno Valley suffered a roof leak during a rain storm. After many months of lack of rain and severe drought conditions in sout... READ MORE

San Dimas Storm Damage

After an onslaught of rain in southern California early last year, leaky roofs are a common occurrence. A San Dimas home encountered a roof leak during the rain... READ MORE

Storm Damage in La Verne

During a very stormy and rainy day, a La Verne home owner suffered water damage due to a leak in the roof of their garage. The water affected the ceiling of the... READ MORE

San Dimas Roof Leak

A San Dimas home suffered from water damage due to a roof leak. During the heavy Southern California rains, an issue with the roof caused water damage in two ro... READ MORE

Roof Tarps and Storms

A roof leak during a storm can cause extensive damage if not handled immediately. A home in Temple City suffered from water and mold damage due to a roof leak d... READ MORE

Hillside Communities at Risk

As the Fire Season in Southern California starts picking up in the late Spring every year, there are areas that are considered higher risk for homes and busines... READ MORE